Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For anyone who I haven't caught up with since high school...

Here's an aim convo with an update of what some of the coolest kids from Mt. Carmel have been doing for the past couple years since graduation

nazer: everyones married and shit
nazer: good careers
nazer: cept us for whatever reason
nazer: we walk in with a big ass group
nazer: all scrubby and shit
nazer: nooooooooo
lance: yeah and fucking play video games all day
lance: drink beer at night
nazer: hang out at davids house
lance: and then talk about the girls we secretly jocked in high school
lance: god were losers
nazer: yeah fuck


  1. glad i'm the only mira mesa cool kid in this room hahaha....cuz most mira mesa folks i don't associate with suck more at life than i do

  2. haha i love the labels for this entry