Thursday, January 24, 2008

To Keep Yourself Busy

Since the writers strike is still going on, and the only thing on cable is American Gladiators and American Idol, I'd like to divert your attention to these brilliant pieces of writing.

Why We Write
is a project put together by Charlie Craig and Thania St. John, two prominent media industry professionals who thought of having writers who are on strike provide essays on why they write. Writers from many of our favorite shows including Lost, 24, and so on have submitted pieces on why writing has been their calling. There are a ton of inspiring works on this page, so I highly encourage all of our readers to check it out.

One of my favorite submissions is by Damon Lindelof, writer for Lost. If you decide you don't want to read all of those posts, then at least read this one. It really is a truly compelling piece of work.


  1. impressive.. i feel inspired!!

  2. i have a mass media class where im about to write a script for a screenplay, one day you will be watching my work and it will suck