Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Political Booster Pack

John McCain after the New Hampshire primaries in 2000

An interesting topic that's floating in the air of this political war is something that I've had a growing interest in, which is the fact that young voters are beginning to really show up and share their voice. With the children of baby boomers beginning to take their first steps into the political world, reports everywhere show that people of our generation are starting to vote. In New Hampshire today polls were actually running out of ballots, which is a clear sign that with things like stronger media coverage and the internet, people are becoming more aware and more involved in our America. So all of that aside, lets take a look at the primaries so far.


In Iowa, Obama took a huge lead with 38% of the total votes, with Edwards in second with 30%. Clinton took 3rd place with an extremely close 29%. These results really stirred up the democratic world because Obama came out on top with such a big lead above the other candidates. With these results its easy to assume that Obama would be the primary democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential race.

But in New Hampshire today, the results of today's polls are coming in, and with 21% of the current results, Clinton is currently in first place, imitating her husband and making a big come back from Iowa. Obama holds second for now, and Edwards is in third. I'll update these numbers when the full results are in.

So when Edwards and Clinton seemed out of the race by some, Clinton comes back and takes the lead, so it's once again an even battle. Edwards seems to have finished 3rd today, but if you know you're voting democrat, keep a close eye on these three names, because this race is extremely close.


In Iowa, Mike Huckabee took the lead with 34%. Romney came in second with 29%, and Thompson came in 3rd with 13%, and then John McCain in fourth with 13% as well. Huckabee's huge lead came as a great shock to the republican party, and had crowds really speculating about what would happen in New Hampshire and beyond. Other notable candidates Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani closed with lower numbers, but it's still too early to rule these guys out.

In New Hampshire today, with 21% of current votes in, John McCain holds the most votes with 37%, and it's predicted across the board that he will take first place in New Hampshire. Romney came in second again with 29%, and Huckabee came in third with 12%. Republican candidates have already made calls to McCain congratulating him on his win. Once again I'll update these numbers once the full results are in

So like the democratic side, the primary candidate is still really up in the air. Many are speculating that if Romney doesn't take a lead somewhere soon, he will be looked over as the primary candidate, but it is in fact still really early.

So keep an eye out for the rest of the caucuses. Develop a good understanding of each of the candidates, focus on the issues, and make sure to vote later this year. Potential group blog topic: Who Will You Vote For? Tune into CNN for prime, up to date news coverage, and if you don't want to do that, then just read this blog, I'm sure we'll be updating on things like this in the future.

UPDATE on 1/8/08 7:47 PM: The Associated Press has just projected that Clinton would take the victory for New Hampshire. With 71% of the votes in, Clinton leads with 40%, Obama in second with 36%, and Edwards in third with 17%. On the republican side, with 67% of the votes in, McCain holds his victory with 37%, Romney with 31%, and Huckabee with 11%. The candidates on the Republican side have spoken, all declaring that its still early in the race, and with 48 states to go, everyone seems hopeful that they can take the lead candidate spot. John Edwards has spoken on the Democratic side, giving a speech about many individuals in America who deserve better, and focused on issues, stating that he's still eager to make a come back in the future.

UPDATE on 1/8/08 8:22 PM:
Hillary Clinton just finished giving her victory speech, with an unexpected win in New Hampshire. She focused on being one with the people of America, and many are declaring that this is the first time that they've seen her act genuine. Tears aside, fact is that this race is much closer than it was only a few hours ago. Obama gave his speech prior to Clinton's, speaking on unity in America, focusing on young voters and stating that when he is president, he would do what he could to change America. In New Hampshire, with 82% percent of the total votes in, Hillary Clinton is the projected winner with 39%, Obama in a very close second with 37%. On the Republican side, with 80% of the votes in, McCain is the projected winner with 37%, with Romney in second with 32%, and Huckabee in third with 11%, with Giuliani not far behind with 9%. After the results of Iowa, the political community has really been shaken up with the extreme comebacks from Clinton and McCain. This race just got much more interesting.


  1. commenting on McCain's win in the primary in 2000, CNN incorrectly referred ro his OBVIOUS green jedi lightsaber as a "darth vader stick"

    /end nerd gripe

  2. yea Dana Bash is a star wars bust

  3. wtf i didnt know John McCain was a JEDI

    crazzy.. all signs were pointing to a new hampshire victory for the rockstar obama. now things got even more interesting