Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is not so much of an endorsement for the rockstar Barack Obama, but mainly because I thought this poster just looked pretty cool. It’d probably make a nice t-shirt too.

Top-notch propaganda!

While I haven’t thrown my full support for any one candidate just yet, I see the same imposing image in poster and sticker form all over campus; when I walk to class, when I buy food, when I smoke, when I take a leak, when I take a shit – So slowly but surely, I’m being effectively brainwashed by the Obama campaign.

I’m actually glad that OBEY is apparently rooting for Obama; he seems much more compatible with their style of artwork compared to the rest of the candidates. I highly doubt the same poster with Mitt Romney/Nathan Petrielli’s face on it would have the same, inspirational effect. That’d just be fucking creepy.

1 comment:

  1. that picture pretty much secured my vote for november. so that's what propaganda is?

    if i didn't think mccain would have to cave in to his party's general platform then i think he would edge out obama for me.