Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Writers Strike is Over

No I haven't been living under a rock, I know that the strike is over, but the reason I haven't posted yet is because today (Tuesday) the members of the WGA West and WGA East are voting to officially call off the strike now that a deal has been made. I held off on posting about it because the strike isn't "officially" over with, but since voting is today and many writers are already back to work I'm going to go ahead and say that yes, after months and months of picket lines, the WGA finally got a deal with the AMPTP which allows them to receive a cut on new media, basically an "if you get paid, we get paid" kind of deal.

Now keep in mind that the writers did not receive everything they asked for, but after being off work for such a long period of time, they had to come to a compromise, and that's what negotiating is, isn't it? Making sacrifices and having both sides come together to really work something out, and over the weekend that happened. Many say that the disaster that was the Golden Globes was the turning point for the AMPTP to come back to the table and get a deal going, but I'm glad that it's over. Hollywood as we once knew it is back to its usual routine, everyone is back to work, and production for many of our favorite shows is back in order.

Now it's not like we'll get new episodes of our favorite shows out of nowhere. Easier shows like 30 Rock and The Office will probably get a few new episodes airing around April/May, but giant production shows that revolve around a specific timeline like 24 won't return until January 2009. Pilot season as we know it will most likely not happen, and new shows that came out this year (Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies, Chuck) will probably wait till the fall for new episodes to air, but that all depends on how production goes. TV Guide keeps an updated list on the status of shows which can be found here.

So the important thing coming out of all of this is that the WGA, as well as all of the United Hollywood, fought for what they deserved, and for the most part it worked out. So now I'm going to eat the thai food I just bought and watch some reruns of Gossip Girl, PEACE.


  1. I wish I watched more tv if I had a DVR I would it doesn't affect me but I'm happy for all you tv heads you guys get all your stuff back

  2. fuckin finally, i was waiting til it was official too before i celebrated.

  3. oh man i hope 30 rock comes back.. im going to keep my fingers crossed