Friday, April 4, 2008

Single Poison:4 Guys One Blog Too Much SEXY

To: Nazer, Adonis, Lance, and affiliates
From: Just Ray

I've been meaning to do some kind of response post to two earlier posts done by a couple of our affiliates/FANS. First I just want to say out of the Cool Kid affiliates I probably read Not so small talk and One thing at a time the most for a multitude of reasons. First reason being that these blogs provide a female perspective on things that the cool kids are unable to provide. Second reason being that their blog posts seem so much more organized than my own making for an easy read.

Anyways this post is in response to the duel/tag team posts by Mel and Kristine (The Sexy Post & Battle of The Sexies). Now don't get it twisted this is in no way a counter attack or anything of that nature to these posts. Look at it more as a cheap spin-off. I just felt that the cool kids need to let their voices be heard on the issue of dating/relationships. So unless I haven't been paying enough attention to previous Cool Kid posts, i'll hapilly be the first. It's no secret that I get down with some poetry so the easiest way to do this was through that outlet so without further a due.....

Single Poison

Being single for 2 years straight
A person tends to learn a thing or 2

Or 3 sometimes 4

About the different ways to get dumped/rejected
With the typical “I’m not ready”s
“I’m not over my ex”s
“Were better off as friends”s
“Or your like a brother to me”s
Better yet,
A Kuya…

And my personal favorite
“We hardly know eachother”s

My response I replay
Through my head each time is
Less complicated

As I think to myself

Did this really happen to me AGAIN?

But I play chill
I’ve learned to compose
And control my emotions

Being sure not to
Allow myself to feel…


It’s difficult to understand
How you could get rejected
Before it even got started

Getting caught up
In that initial simp shiet

Only for it to be cut short
Before any true feelings
Get hurt

The only thing in need
Of first aid is my ego
Better yet my pride

And as a veteran at getting dumped,
You would think I would reap benefits
but like certain veterans I’m fucked

I’m so sick of people bitching
About how hard it is to be in a relationship

When I’m still struggling
Just being single

According to older folks

“You are single ready to mingle”
“How many girlfriends do you have?”
“It’s better to collect collect and then you select”

Bull shit

No offense but if your like me collecting
A whole bunch of crap
leaves me with a pile of shit

Because even if a piece of shit comes off
A lot better than all the other shit
Its still a piece of shit

Im sorry
I know that
Shit is just mean

But nothing pisses me off more
Than being dumped through
Instant messaging…..


It gets worse when their like,
“we can still be friends”

I’m like

Yea on myspace you shady shit
Fuck that I’m deleting your ass
And I’m putting my shit on private

Or what’s worse is when they stop
Answering your phone calls

Ladies just answer it and dump
These fellaz and hang up

Because I know
My dumbass starts
Making up excuses for why
She aint answering her phone

“AH you know she probably doesn’t have any service”


“Fuckn Verizon I swear sometimes my calls don’t go through”

That shit turns guys into psychos
Leaving voice mails that we aren’t so proud of
And we wish we could take back

“HEY its ray again, so uhhhhhh …this is call number 15…and just wanted to see wassup?!?, call me back when you get a chance….you said you liked me last night, so what the hell happen………….(bitch) *click*”

And I hate these damn MTV dating shows
Supposed to be reality television
But we all know its bs

I wanna be able to go on dates and scream next

Whats real though
its me that’s always getting nexted

I wish I could have a bus full of girls
Standing in line to date me

But it would probably be easier
To find girls that hate me

Or shows like the ex factor
If you put my Ex’s anywhere
Near each other it would be like
Clash of the titan’s

There would be more blood in that room
Than SAW 1,2,3 and 4
And the 300

Now it’s not to say
That I never dumped a girl

So I guess all of this shit goes both ways

I’m at a point where I don’t want to just holla,
Spit game, or fuck around

I just want a girl that I could connect with
Without uttering a single sound

I want to have to take a step outside
For some fresh air

Because she takes my breath away

Have no problem with getting up
Early mornings
Because every night
she would knock me off my feet

Take some pepto bismal
For upset stomach
From all the butterflies
I get when she’s near me

She’ll come around one day
To provide the vaccine to my
Single poison

But with my luck she wont
Get a chance to dump me,

Because most of the good ones
Already have boyfriends

Just for the sake of promoting shit that I like personally, heres a performance by some of my favorite spoken word heads...ruby and nico.


  1. it seems like this topic always brings out some really interesting posts & discussions in general.

    and yeah, i'll have to admit that bs in talking/getting to know someone/dating/whatever you wanna call it goes both ways. in all honesty though i don't think a lot of girls out there are "girlfriend material" yet anyways.


  3. good shit, i like the technology references that actually pertains to us kids now n days