Thursday, April 21, 2011

Regarding Our Decision To Not Blog Here Anymore

Regarding Our Decision To Not Blog Here Anymore
inspired by "Regarding Our Decision Never To See Me Again" by Ellie Kemper

Whats up guys, It's me Ray. I know we said this wouldn't last forever, but I've really put some thought into it for the past few minutes, and I have to say I think I've changed my mind. Its like when you sit down for a really long time and get up too fast and you end up feeling all dizzy and what not. Whats that called? A head rush? Yea I think that's what happened. It was a head rush. I just wasn't thinking straight I promise.

Its kind of hard you know, to put all that I'm feeling into words. I really felt like we had something the four of us. Being in a polyamorous blogging relationship with all of you was like something I've never felt before. And after you guys stopped posting, (Adonis n Lance) I really felt like something was missing in my life. It was hard just doing it with Nazer, I think me and him just couldn't have as much fun with just us two. We just needed our other halves........

Lance, who else was going to arise the same kind of feeling out of me as you. I know the rest of you haven't felt both uncomfortable and well informed at the same time, since Lance decided to leave the group. I think we all need a special bit of Lance's love juice in the mix...what did you used to call it. Oh yea thats right, a post-bukkake. Your a saint Lance. A beautiful heavenly saint. If you come back I swear you can post-bukkake all over this blog. I swear it.

Nazer, you held on longer then most and I think it really is that time again to get back on that horse and ride it. Gallop, gallop and post about things I know nothing about because being confused makes me feel like less of a person. And your great at that. Who else is going to educate me on shows (Pushing daisies, battlestar galactica) that I would probably only watch if they popped up on netflix during my free one month trial? No one that's who, no one. And that's a strong probably mister, a really really strong one. Almost even a maybe, a loving maybe.

And Adonis, Oh Adonis. I always appreciated your way of.....And then that time you....Oh and lets not forget that one thing, you know the thing that you did that one time. Great. I've really missed how you always have a way of...yuh your just great bro. Honest.

I really think were one of those groups where we first meet and there isn't really this huge lasting impression at first, but for some reason we all reconnect. Realizing that all the other blogs we've had were meaningless and this was the one true blog and we have, like, this really great story to tell people when they ask how we got together. You know the type, the ones where our kids ask us how we met, and I'll say, "You tell em Lance." and Lance will be like "No no, Nazer tells the story the best." and then Nazer would say, "OK, OK....." And when we go through all our old photos our son will be like who's Adonis daddy is this him?


Time will have slowed down at this very moment. As memories ring out in each of our minds. Lance will recall a simpler time when Adonis passed out in Mel and Kristine's bathtub fully clothed, and Tuan and I turned the water on. Nazer, will remember how great the cool kids used to be as a single tear runs down his cheek. I'll stop turn my head towards our son. With a slight grin on my face. I'll take a deep breath, the kind of breath our fathers take when they HAVE to do something, not something they necessarilly want to do, but they must. And I'll pause for a second. Look straight into his eyes and simultaneously slap the shit out of him while screaming "YOU DON'T SAY THAT NAME IN MY HOUSE!"

So what do you say boys. Give US another chance. I promise I'll be better this time. We had a few bumps in the road, but ain't no speed bump gonna slow us down. Head rushes are great an all, but when we put our minds together were not just cool kids, were the coolest kids in the room.


-Just RA

P.S. Adonis you haven't posted since march 2009, that's over two years JACKASS. But then again that post had the best comment run of all time. So kudos


  1. damn ray, i think you always had the best intra-friends posts. this was so honest and heartfelt, i don't think i have a choice.

  2. Today Skynet begins its attack on humanity, I don't think any of us have a choice.