Friday, December 5, 2008

MILK Movie Review and "We pick and choose"

Milk directed by Gus Van Sant
starring Sean Penn

Sean penn plays Harvey Milk the first openly gay elected to public office in California to the board of supervisors for the city of San Francisco. Milk was a leader of the gay political movement and was elected city supervisor in 1977. He alongside mayor George Mascone were assasinated after only serving eleven months at his position in 1978.

The acting in Milk is on point all around and Sean Penn doesn't dissapoint, but when does he ever dissapoint. Not to mention a cast filled with dope actors like James Franco(Pinneapple Express), Emile Hirsch(Into the Wild) and Josh Brolin(No Country For Old Men). Gus Van Sant does an amazing job in directing this film, the subtle as well as the not so subtle moments keep you on the edge of your seat. Being that this is based on a true story, you know from the start Milk will be assasinated at some point in the film. If your like me who didn't know much about Milk prior to watching this film I must say i came out with a better experience.

Coming from an organizers point of view this movie is inspiring in a multitude of ways. Forget that it is about gay rights for a second. If you replace the obvious gay issues that are evident throughout this film with issues pertaining to any oppressed people it would still make you feel the same way. Angry. Anxious. Disheartened. Inspired. Sad. Proud. Motivated. All these feelings bundled into one amazing movie. Of course you could call me biased since i do consider myself an ally to the Gay community, but i truly believe that regardless of your stance on gay rights you would enjoy this film. Hopefully even be inspired to start questioning your previous notions about homosexuality. I hate to be the "debbie downer" of the cool kids, but the relevance of this issue is evident when considering issues pertaining to gay marriage.

If you want to catch this film and you are in the San Diego Area it will be showing at the...
Landmark Hillcrest
3965 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 819-0236
...or follow this link to check show times

After all is said and done i give this film 3 FISTS held high.


To end on a lighter note check this video the Prop 8 Musical courtesy of trish via myspace bulletin.

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Peace Love and Progressive Mobbin
Just Ray


  1. lol that video is all sorts of awesome

  2. need to watch this film.

    i learned a little about Harvey Milk in one of my classes, but mainly because of how the guy who killed him pretty much got a away with murder, thanks to some bullshit “twinkie defense” where his lawyers claimed he killed Milk because he ate so much junk food that it made him go insane. pretty lame, but it makes a sad story even more depressing

  3. i have to say I LOVE THIS MOVIE and i would watch it again and again hopin to bring a tidal wave of different folks to go see it with me to unleash some knowledge and insight to the struggles the LGBT community still face with PROP.8....

    brother i luv u and i am so glad u enjoyed and were moved =)
    think we all were after steppin out da amazing historical CASTRO THEATER. the movie just compels you to dialog.amongst the folks u went with, yer peers to the community.

    IT"S GREAT!!
    thanks for bloggin about it and i am very grateful to have you as an ally brader!! luv u