Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My prayers have been answered

Like myself, I know a lot of you guys are huge fans of Saved by the Bell. And if like me, you also loved California Dreams, then this is the announcement you've been waiting for. The show that featured everyone's favorite high school rock band comes to DVD officially on March 31.

I honestly had no hope that this show would ever come to home video. California Dreams has been out of syndication for possibly a decade now, but I still can vividly remember dozens of episodes.

A lot of the this show's storylines mirrored those of Saved by the Bell. Some of my favorite episodes were the one where Tiffany gets steroids from Sly (I loved that one of the main characters knew where to score drugs), the one where Jake has to quit smoking (if you read my Facebook note, all of you can stop leaving comments about that now), and the one where Tony dates a white girl whose parents can't stand the fact that he's black.

All in all, a true television classic on par with the gang from Bayside, just with a music element added. If you haven't seen it before, now's your chance. Here's hoping that enough people buy this that the later seasons get released (cause those are always better).

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  1. i will pray that the soundtrack hits itunes next year as well. he's so funkayyy!!

  2. these guys got nothing on A.C. Slater. Go Bayside!