Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keys to winning America’s Best Dance Crew


Some of the requirements:

1. You must represent the West Coast
2. Your group must consist entirely of dudes (Asians preferably)
3. You must portray yourselves as goofy, energetic, and fun-loving
4. Your group must know how to breakdance, or at least have a few Bboys

Anyways, congratulations to Quest Crew for achieving the (Asian) American Dream last week, earning the distinction of being America’s Best Dance Crew for Season 3.

I actually never follow ABDC anymore, not since the first season with Kaba Modern and the Jabbawockeez running the show, but if I did, I’d of course include some generic compliments.

“Quest Crew KILLED it this season.”
“I knew they were going to win from the start!”
“After their performance in Week 4, the competition was pretty much OVAH.”

I really thought the runners-up, Beat Freaks, were going to win it all this season, especially after their amazing display of telekinetic powers.

Then again, they failed to fulfill Requirement #2 (See above). Better luck next season!


  1. quest crew was ridiculously awful, I think however, you have to take some real perspective here, there's a lot going on behind the scenes we dont know....but know, that literally EVERYONE knows that BEAT FREAKS should have taken it.....think money, and think "know how" in the industry....

  2. what are you suggesting ate kris? that supercrew stole it as well due to money and "know how" in the industry?

  3. add more requirements
    5.shiny clothing
    6.wacky colored hair
    7.down with hypebeast culture
    8.listens to daft punk
    9.can list all streetwear vendors in alphabetical order

  4. I haven't watched in a few weeks (didn't even realize it was over), but yeah I thought BEAT FREAKS were gonna take it all the way. OH WELLZ

    @ raeizon
    #9 is hard

  5. i saw a few of beat freaks performances, and thought they were gonna take it.

    then i caught glimpses of the last episode

    and they KILLT IT YALL, in a really really bad way.

    and if someone can school me on the 'know how' of the industry then please do

  6. i don't watch ABDC anymore because there is better shit on television these days...like the new season of heroes....LOL

  7. man...i've missed the passed 2 episodes because I'd rather chat on aim. And that's saying A LOT.

  8. I'm not a dancer or anything, but based on consistent, entertaining and stunt filled performances Quest Crew deserved it.

    Also, is Heroes actually good now? After season 1, I started watching b/c everyone else was. It sucked after season 1 apparently even to some Heroes fans I talked to and to me of course. I stayed with it though based on the fact the show featured super heroes (a cheap trick to woo American audiences), but it kept on sucking. I feel like the writers have a hat filled w/ an infinite amount of plot twists in it and grab 10 for every episode and write them in the storyline. Anyways, I stopped watching b/c I lost faith in it plus I'd rather watch (Emmy award winning) 24 on Mondays @ 9. Sorry, I rambled to express my disappointment in Heroes. Maybe it's better now.

    p.s.: Jack Bauer can kill any of the Heroes (or Villains) w/ his bare hands. Actually, he doesn't even need his hands, muahaha.

    Yours Truly,
    Heroes Hater

  9. As far as tv shows this season - LOST FTW

  10. Well...if it counts for anything, writer(s) from Pushing Daisies are back on Heroes. But even he said it was going to take time to fix the fiasco that is now Heroes.

    United States of Tara and Eastbound and Down is what's up.

  11. Heroes was fine in Season 1. It had well developed characters (for the most part), an overall arching storyline, and some very cool individual efforts (Jack Coleman as HRG in episode Company Man).

    When Season 2 started, one of the lead writers (Bryan Fuller) went to create one of the most engaging shows on television Pushing Daisies. Heroes went downhill shortly after.

    Then we had the writers strike. Fans said, "oh great, now we have to wait months and months for more Heroes, but at least they can take the time to make the show a quality program again." Unfortunately that wasn't the case with Season 3, with even the most fanboyish of fanboys hating the show.

    Heroes is a rare occasion in which it had a huge audience, but then they actually LOST tons of fans. Most shows work on trying to grow their viewership (ie. 30 Rock).

    As far as good, quality TV (at least in my opinion), that's a whole other post entirely...what a good idea...

    P.S. - Yeah, 24, Lost, United States of Tara, all awesome, but I highly recommend Breaking Bad (season 2 just started last Sunday)

  12. Oh, and even with Bryan Fuller returning, I'm sure the episodes will be better, but I believe that this season is too much of a train wreck for even the best TV writers to repair. Better luck next fall NBC!

  13. I havent even touched chuck or heroes since they came back, spring break! WHAT ABOUT DEXTER? is that shit still alive?

  14. I think I heard Dexter is still going strong, still good.

    The new episodes of Chuck have been pretty good; the show is consistently watchable, which can't be said for an aforementioned television series about people with powers.

  15. Season 3 of Dexter ended around last fall, not sure when season 4 is starting up, but the show as good as ever.

    And I do agree that Chuck is an incredibly consistent show to watch. Josh Schwartz really knows his teen dramas (he's an EP on Gossip Girl as well)

  16. y'all should just do a new post on prime time shows lol

  17. NBC fucked up real bad with Heroes.. what could of been the show of our generation with the resurgence of the superhero/comic book genre in pop culture, instead turned into a complete waste of perfectly good material to work with.

    Probably the only good thing to come out of the train-wreck that is Heroes, is the future career of Zachary Quinto (Sylar), set to play Mr. Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film.

  18. As for ABDC, the dance crew pantheon should be ranked like this -

    1. Jabbawockeez
    2. Kaba Modern
    3. Quest Crew
    4. Super Crew
    5. Break Sk8

  19. @ADONIS
    More like-
    1. Fysh N Chicks
    2. Jabbawockeez
    3. SoRealCru
    4. Quest Crew
    5. Boogie Bots

  20. @floyd
    2.beat freaks
    5.fiysh n chicks

  21. @coolkids
    the real pantheon


  22. @ martin
    1. sagat
    2. doesn't even matter, my balrog will wreck everyone

  23. @coolkids
    1. Blastoise
    2. Charizard
    3. Venusaur

  24. @floyd
    1. chansey
    2. clefairy
    3. diglett

    Honorable Mention: Gloom, the "emo" pokemon.

  25. lol sorry i think i started the initial digression from the original subject of ABDC. But I'm gonna do it again. The only rankings that are on my mind right now are:

    1. Hanley Ramirez
    2. Jose Reyes
    3. Albert Pujols
    4. David Wright
    5. Grady Sizemore

  26. @ everyone

    1. kelly kapowski
    2. padma lakshmi
    3. olivia munn
    4. the asian looking chick from charm city cakes show
    5. claire season 1 of heroes (keeping it relevant)

    apparently i need to start watching season 1 of breaking bad again

  27. and i could care less about star trek, but seriously the new movie looks amazing. everytime i see the commercial, i'm waiting in eager anticpation of spock cutting cpt kirk's head open and stealing his leadership abilities.

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTCyAZGqaaU

  29. @kristine
    ah fuck...gg


  30. ^^ those young'ns in the video are pretty good.

    Kelly Kapowski will always be every guy's high school sweetheart. (Unless you had jungle fever, in which case Lisa Turtle would suffice.) I wonder how her and Zack are doing though

  31. i have a feeling zack morris has a pot belly unmotivated in life, while kelly kapowski is having an affair with one of her managers....again...

  32. AC Slater is dreamy

  33. naw, it's all about that nurse in that one episode of Saved by the Bell. The nurse that zach had a crush on, she was fiinnneeee

  34. the nurse that locked him inside the office and tried to have her way with him?

  35. then Slater punks out because hes too scared to get a shot

  36. lol slaters a bitch, but hes buff

  37. dear god, someone please post something new.

  38. is this a record in comments? anyway im pretty sure we have enough material for 5 new posts. anyway, i had a stint where i wouldn't sleep until I'd watch saved by the bell at 4AM on TBS. And Kelly Kapowski is untouchable in her prime. They even had panty shows of her when she would do russians in her cheerleader outfit. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. Kelly Kapowski > every woman in history.

  39. THIS COMMENT THREAD IS TOO FUCKING LONG! you guys aren't that cool.

  40. lolz and its really like 6 people just talking with each other

  41. zack morris (MPG) visited my club. he's got long hair and he's looking pretty healthy. weird. i never even seen an episode...

  42. martin there is a void in your life that can never be replaced

  43. i think i meant "filled."

    anyway, ray where the hell is your post about the richest Bum MC in the 5 boroughs WOOMP WOOOOOOOOMP