Tuesday, June 9, 2009

18 Days later: Whos Watching The Cool Kids 2

(It has officially been 18 days since we've had a decent post)

Sure the lack of content may not be as dramatic as say zombie infested London 28 days later, but like the beginning of 28 days the cool kids blog world appears to be a desolate uninhabited skeleton of its former self. Only instead of flesh eating zombies, the cool kids prefer to feast on california burritos with a ferocity that remains unmatched by any rabid zombie. Readers are left to themselves scared and cowering in fear as humanity yearns for a cure from this untimely dry spell. The lack of content has forced readers to resort to other blogs like P. Diddy's blog. Oh the horror!!!

I haven't felt this much despair in a room since watching the classic horror flick Glitter starring Mariah Carey.

The monstrosity that is the cool kids room is starting to look a lot like horror movies of today, bland and lacking any real content. So horrible in fact that readers begin asking to please, Drag me to Hell or others who have simply gone Psycho due to less than thought provoking post from the past month or two. But enough about Adonis' posts, the real issue at hand are the countless hours the cool kids put into their own personal lives or the lack their of. Could this be the cool kids recent departure from the blogosphere? It seems that we've singled handedly killed the genre of perverted/random/college student writing, in the same way that Resident Evil killed the horror genre.

The following is a breakdown of what the cool kids have been up to since their casual departure from the cool kids room.
Just Ray

I myself have been busy at work on an upcoming novel appropriately titled,


What? it was either that or Know I'm dope .
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Not to mention i've been up to hard work at Pat & Oscars in an attempt to live up to at least half the man, no the legend that is Nelson Vuong when he worked diligently in the To-Go station of Pat&Oscars. Photobucket
Nazer Lagrimas

Nazer has been busy attending every possible Boston Celtics home game, not only revealing his love for the team and dropping his "R's", but he has become the team mascot.

"Commander" Cacho & Adonis the "Warrior of Doom"



The two have since lost collectively 150 pounds on the p90x workout system and have come out of the closet after the California Supreme Courts decision of upholding Prop 8. The doom warrior has been quoted saying, "We love each other and nothing will ever come between us...No law is gonna hold us down we're moving to Connecticut and tying the knot late july." Commander Cacho however has frequently denied any love towards The Warrior of Doom saying, "I'm just trying to get laid."

There you have it folks the reason('s) the cool kids have been on hiatus. If you don't like how you've been portrayed cool kids, step it up and post something.

special thanks:
r/d apparel for permission to use their shirt on this site.
girlfriend for teaching me how to cut n paste images better on MS paint.
nazer, lance, adonis for your stories

-Just Ray
Cool Kids staff
Lone survivor


  1. well done. i think we're ready for some post-bukkake.

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  3. that should srsly be a coupon code when we get restocked. LOL