Friday, June 19, 2009

On Why I Find Twitter Incredibly Useful (and comments on Gossip Girl)

In our technologically-driven world of gadgets and gizmos, there are limitless avenues to receive information. You can be a traditionalist; read the paper or call your friends by telephone to find out how they are, maybe even send a postcard if your handwriting isn't ruined by constant keyboard strokes. Or you can be what I would call the typical college student; facebook and myspace account, reading status updates through the news feeds, and having a few websites bookmarked, maybe just for news or sports.

Or, if you so dare, you can be a completely tech driven individual, facebook news feeds, RSS feeds for favorite blogs/websites, and finally a Twitter account to follow everything from friends and family to restaurant discounts and the latest TV ratings numbers.

I love Twitter. Instead of spending time browsing numerous websites for information, I receive everything in a nice, concise 140 character tweet. And if I need to read an article, a convenient tinyURL is placed so I can go straight to it without having to drive through avenues of ads and banners. I use an app called Tweetie where I can do everything that I need to with Twitter without having to open my browser and go to the website itself.

I've had the account for a pretty long time now, and I'm ecstatic at the fact that its gained such enormous popularity, because now everyone has one. I used to follow a couple of blogs and that was it, but now I can follow all of my favorite video game sites, television gossip sites, game developers, friends, and more. And the simple fact that more of the hometown people are jumping on the twitter train is awesome because it keeps me updated on all the news that would've just passed me by. How else would I have known that Alexand was doing his laundry, or that Raf got excused from jury duty? Without simple, small status updates I'd never know!

But all faux internet sarcasm aside, I really do find it incredibly useful. Every now and then I see a facebook status update of someone saying "twitter is for people who have no lives, gonna go pick up New Moon!!!" or something of that nature, and I'm like, no, you just don't see the advantages of it. So, if so inclined, if you don't have a twitter account yet, go sign up for one, and follow me @nazer858 and follow the coolkids @coolkidsroom too. And Direct Message on twitter is seriously the best way to get in touch with me, sends a text straight through my phone, awesome.

And I finally caught up on Gossip Girl. Is it just me or when all the kids work together to solve a problem at the end of the seasons does it remind anyone else of the Scooby gang? And if you haven't checked out PopCap Games' (the makers of Bejeweled) latest drug, check out Plants vs. Zombies, its awesome. Thanks for reading, I'll see you all in San Diego, I'm coming in Monday night at 8:30 PST.


  1. I thought you were going to comment on the Leighton Meester sex tape...oh what.

    And I agree about the Twitter stuff.