Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Enough media hype to make your head explode

My desire to see either of these teams win is mild at best. Still, there are enough storylines here that every game could have the dramatic arc of a Disney sports movie.

Will KG/Pierce/Allen finally get their first ring? Can Kobe win one without Shaq? Can Phil pass Red? Will I be able to stomach watching either of these teams' fans without wanting to gouge my fucking eyeballs out? (probably not)

More importantly, will people actually tune in to the NBA Finals this year?

Considering the week-long hype bukkake that the matchup is generating, it seems so. Please let this go to a game 7...


  1. so im guessing after this season our debate on the best player on the planet is done ay?

  2. uh oh.. i guess you're not going to like the Kobe 'MVP' t-shirts i ordered for everyone

  3. lol

    i just hope rondo shoots another clutch airball for an anticlimactic championship win for the lakers in game 7

  4. lol clutch airball haha

    btw..im a size L adonis