Friday, June 6, 2008

The Gayest Post of All-Time

A couple months ago, the Cappletini posted her Top 10 Female crushes. Well here you have it, in no particular order, Lance's MAN CRUSHES:


When he's not going crazy during interviews or having a diva moment during a guest performance, Usher is holding it down as the most consistent solo R&B act over the last year ten years. My second time seeing him live last night (hope you saw my mug on TV cause Alexand did) confirms that yours truly probably gets a little too excited for a performance by someone who is not a stripper at Cheetahs.


I was tempted to just put Harrison Ford but realized he is quite boring in real life and even though Han Solo is one of my favorite movie characters of all time, he managed to get himself frozen in carbonite. Indy on the otherhand would have delivered a right cross to Vader, and would have dropkicked Boba Fett's ass into the freezer on his way out because that's how he rolls. This guy is everything I want to be: he's smart, witty, has mad game (always gets the girl), and can kick ass.

LaDainian Tomlinson

The face of the franchise that I care most about, LT is probably the best thing to happen to San Diego football. Sure, he's the league's best all-around running back, but you're leaving out a smile that lights up the room, a charming southern accent, and that "aw-shucks" sense of humility. Let's just hope that the real LT shows up this season and not the LADAIKNEEIN-JURY from last year's playoffs. (-1 for poor pun)

I better stop now before I start second-guessing my sexuality anymore than I already am.


  1. for whatever reason we were talking about the high school talent show video where you and eson TORE THAT SHIT UP on stage, hilarious

  2. Ryan leaf was the best thing to happen to San Diego. His shitty play and his 1st round bustness blessed us with the first pick in the draft and enabled us to trade with atlanta.

    +1 for no mike vick
    +1 for tim dwight
    +100 for LT

  3. lol, i had a discussion on if man crushes are gay / not gay...definately not gay

  4. ^ does that make me gay (ponders)

  5. nah artie, it's not gay until you inadvertently poke roger in the leg with the hard on you got watching the usher concert

  6. you forgot to label this post "Gayest Post of All-time: Part 1." knowing you, this is definitely not a complete list of your gay man-crushes

  7. surprised you didnt end up including rick ankiel or joe saunders on this lol

  8. This is peanuts compared to the time you interrupted Devotion after rehearsing a capella to tell them, "Man, I love you guys!"


    -everyone knows devotion is the greatest filipino boy band ever

    -everyone knows that rick ankiel's life story is heartwarming tale of courage, perseverence and ok, HGH.

  10. lol speaking of devotion...roger told me that he recently recovered some devotion covers done back in the day LOL