Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life Lessons

You know it's a CoolKids post when it blatantly rips off of somebody else's work. Today, Big Daddy Drew's Deadspin column offered some life lessons for the Class of 2008. Some examples:

If you’re writing a blog post, be sure to stick a picture of a hot chick at the top. Your hits will increase 400 percent.

Check. Had to go with Keeley cause she always makes me smile. Don't quite know what it is about her, might be the huge fucking tits.

if a girl playfully punches you during conversation, you can totally hit that shit.

Dropped the ball on that one! Well, 1/2 ain't bad.

So I offer to you dear readers, life lessons learned from CommanderCacho's spring quarter '08:

Success comes with the right team and the right goal. I was at my best this quarter when I had a team to hold me accountable for getting my work done. My two group project classes will probably be my best grades because I had other guys counting on me to contribute. I got into probably the best shape of my life to run with my cousins at the Carlsbad 5k for
Team Beer Run, and then with my homies when Team CACHO took the Condo crown at the NAMI 5k. More 5K's this summer, and more group projects please!

Hollywood is the place to be! Okay not really, but I went up there this quarter (3 trips!) more times than I've been in my entire life. Annie's VIP Level 3 birthday bash, "21 for a day" at Mark's Club Sugar extravaganza, and free Usher concert with the roomies and R-Kwan...Hollywood was definitely good to me this quarter.

Everything needs to be enjoyed in moderation. And by "everything" I mean alcohol, good food (Alvaro's, Santana's, etc.), and good distractions in general. Hell, there's work to be done right? This would be perfectly fine if "moderation" wasn't some assbackwards made up shit.

16 units is too much. I end up telling myself this every time I try to take 4 whole classes worth of units. No matter what, I'm usually in danger of failing at least one of my classes by the end of finals week and this quarter is no different. Shit, I've been awake for 24 hours and still have more work to do while everyone's pretty much done.

I know some of you reading this are like "Cmon man! 16 units is pussy shit!" and like to pile it on with 20, 24 units, but you know what, fuck you! You guys don't have games of Solitaire waiting to be played, blogs to write for people to skim, and handles of Captain Morgan to drink by yourself.

/guzzles 3 shots

/cries for 30 seconds
/goes back to work

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  1. LOL!

    "/guzzles 3 shots
    /cries for 30 seconds
    /goes back to work"