Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 TV Preview: FOX

As summer comes to a close and a fall starts to creep in, the 2008 television season begins. I'll be doing previews every few days by network with my impressions of the daily lineup as well as thoughts and coverage on pilots and returning shows. We'll start today with FOX.

Fox is in a unique position coming into 2008. While their ratings still stay strong with the almighty American Idol, they were hit hard due to the Writers Strike which left shows like 24 completely unseen. They have a ton of shows returning, including their Sunday night comedies featuring The Simpsons and Family Guy, so frequent Fox viewers should look forward to more of the same, with the exception of one very welcome show.

TIME: Show / Premiere Date

8:00: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles / Sep 8
This is one of the many shows from last year that are receiving a sophomore season pickup. Because of the writers strike a lot of shows were left with shortened seasons, but 2008 is a chance for these shows to see if they can really pull in the audience they were expected to. This show was up against the likes of Bionic Woman, which will not be returning, and pulls in an action / sci-fi loving crowd as well as those who just like Summer Glau. I didn't watch this show when it originally aired, but I watched in its entirety a couple weeks ago and it's pretty good. The show received a hefty budget increase so the visual effects and insane action that we love from any Terminator title can finally come forth in this show. It follows the life of Sarah Connor (Lena Headey), having to make sure her son John Connor (Thomas Dekker) can one day save the world from Skynet. If you're a fan of any of the above mentioned it's worth checking out, and if you haven't seen the first season it's probably worth renting the DVDs before you jump in.

9:00: Prison Break / Sep 1
Returning for another season, get ready to watch Michael Scofield (tattooed Wentworth Miller) run around again. To tell you the truth I've stopped following this show after two lackluster season finales, but it obviously has a strong following (Judd) so it's back again. It's not a bad show at all, I've just lost touch with it. If you're into this, by all means keep watching.

8:00: House / Sep 22
One of Fox's most prized shows, House returns for another season of mysterious hospital cases, all labeled as "House's biggest complication yet." The show had an amazing fourth season, taking a twist with the typical formula and throwing in a new team for Dr. House, but keeping the old cast close enough to develop worthwhile story plots. Hugh Laurie is awesome in this show, and it's a solid hour of entertainment, so if you're a fan look forward to another full season.

9:00: Fringe (NEW) / Sep 9
From LOST creator JJ Abrams, this show revolves around Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) a FBI agent who gets herself into a case of mass extremities. Passengers in a flight from Germany to Boston become exposed to a chemical which leaves everyone on the plane dead. During the investigation, Agent John Scott (Mark Valley), Dunham's partner, is left nearly dead after an incident, which leaves Dunham is a great state of urgency. After digging deeper she finds one of the worlds most brilliant scientists Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), but he has been locked in a mental institution for many years. To get in touch with Walter, Dunham locates his son Peter (Joshua Jackson) for help. As events unfold Dunham is lead to a corporation that specializes in pseudo science (aka Fringe science), and after a few twists and turns she realizes that the events of Flight 627 are only a small piece of a collective puzzle that will eventually lead to things much more riveting. The 90 minute pilot is incredibly compelling, and fans of Abrams's work will once again be pleased by the level of quality this show offers. An awesome fit for Fox viewers, this is definitely one to check out.

8:00: Bones / Sep 3
I've never actually seen a full episodes of this show, and this season I most likely won't watch one either. It's entering it's fourth season so there's a following somewhere, but yeah I don't know anyone who watches this. It follows a scientist who can read victims bones for clues, sounds cool.

9:00: 'Til Death / Sep 10
This Fox comedy is entering it's third season. I don't think I've seen a full episode of this, so it might be funny, might not be, who knows. All I know is I'm usually watching LOST or something during this time slot. It has the big dude from Everybody Loves Raymond in it so there's probably some good laughs, and since it's returning for its third season it most likely has some solid moments.

9:30: Do Not Disturb (NEW) / Sep 12
Imagine Suite Life of Zack & Cody without Zack & Cody and this is basically what you get, a comedy featuring the staff of a supposedly high profile hotel. The pilot was so-so, with everything from racial jokes to fat jokes to gay jokes and so on. The first five minutes were joke one right after the other which was pretty boring but down the line it picked up a bit. Not a baaad show, but there's certainly better out there if you're looking for a comedy.

8:00: Moment of Truth / Hole In The Wall (NEW) / Sep 16
Some weird ass game show where you commit to a lie-detector test while people ask you questions. I think you get money after that or something.

Hole In The Wall is a play off of Japanese Human Tetris.  These shows will most likely switch around depending on popularity amongst viewers.

9:00: Kitchen Nightmares / Sep 11
The Hell's Kitchen guy goes to messed up restaurants and fixes them or something. Has anyone seen this? Does he yell at people in this show? Fill me in.

No one watches TV friday, but if you're wondering at 8:00 you get Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader (surprisingly humorous) and at 9:00 Don't Forget the Lyrics (you can see this shit on TFC)

Fox shows episodes of COPS and Americas Most Wanted.

On Sunday you get THE OT (a play on words of THE OC LOLOLOLZ) after football, and then Fox's comedy lineup which never really disappoints.

8:00: The Simpsons / Sep 28
Doesn't need explaining. Those who are fans will continue to be fans and those looking for a few Sunday night laughs won't be disappointed.

8:30: King of the Hill / Sep 28
This show is funny, "Dammit Bobby!" lol

9:00: Family Guy / Sep 28
Freaken hilarious!

9:30: American Dad / Sep 28
Missed the boat

In January shows will most likely shift times and some may get cancelled when American Idol and 24 return, but here's what you should look out for.

American idol / Jan 2009
Americas favorite fricken show which brought us amazing artists like Clay Aiken and Elliott Yadadadamin returns for its 8th season but this time there's a twist! They're bringing in a FOURTH JUDGE (OH SHIt!!!) Grammy-nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi. She wrote for artists such as Carrie Underwood and Ashlee Simpson, and if my inside source (wikipedia) is correct she also wrote beloved summer jam What You Got by Colby Odonis! She is said to bring more GIRLPOWER to the show, because Simon and Randy Jackson are sooooo manly.

24 / Jan 2009
One of the most sought after shows on television, 24 is finally returning this year. The show follows Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) as he finds terrorists and kills bad guys (a common plot around FOX). This shows previous season was horrible, and then there was the writers strike, so it's been nearly two years since we've seen a good episode of 24, so I'm pretty excited for its return.

Dollhouse (NEW) / Jan 2009
From the creator of Buffy, Firefly, and some version of the Xmen comics (astonishing xmen I think) comes Dollhouse. This show follows Eliza Dushku, amongst others who are a group of "actives" or "dolls." These dolls can have everything in them erased, from thoughts to muscle memory, and can then have any persona implemented into them. During the show apparently she becomes self aware of what's happening to her and goes after the "controllers" or the Dollhouse. Sounds like a Whedon show, haven't seen it, I'll let you know when I do.

Hell's Kitchen / Jan 2009
The guy yells at people, I've never seen a full episode.

And that concludes the FOX TV preview. The shows I'll actually follow up on are Sarah Connor Chronicles, House, 24, maybe Dollhouse, and the brand new Fringe, but there's plenty here to watch. Look forward to the next preview later this week.