Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Fan Tribute 2

So like adonis I too have been on somewhat of a hiatus from the cool kids room.

My list of excuses is as follows.

1. Summer School
2. Meetings for what feels like a million different organizations
3. Breadstick slanging
4. Beer
5. Gaining 10 pounds that according to lance is due to "eating mexican food and pussy"

I was also checking the coolkidsroom email and stumbled upon a new email from a fan who happens to be from mira mesa.

Subject: Yo NiGgA yO
From: “Phuc Nguyen”
Date: Saturday, august 1, 2008 4:30 am
Priority: Normal

Dear Coolest Kids in the Room!!!!!,

sHiTzz d33P CuHz!!!

p.s. HiT Meeeeh bkacc

-phuc nguyen a.k.a. LiL Skeezz


  1. didn't we used to punk this kid outside of carl's jr?

    "C - J!!" - jagged ed

    "ya'll got a problem wit the crips" - random AC dogging jordan w/ red flannel on

  2. hahahah at artie's comment. I vividly remember that.

    Remember back in highschool when Jerald i think and Raf were wearing red and Raf yelled "I'm tired of this sh*t!" and dipped?

  3. @ oli: nah it was me and CB wearing red and then were meeting up after school & jerald and mart were saying some shit about SDP and then raf comes up with his red checkered shirt and then jerald goes "OH SHIT THERES ANOTHER ONE!" and then raf got pissed.