Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best of the Cool Kids: Volume 1

It's been brought to my attention that the blog gets new readers everyday once in a blue moon. And also to commemorate our 200th post, as Nazer noted, I decided to throw together a collection of my favorite works from all the contributors. I honestly don't know how we're still updating this crap. So without further ado, here are my favorites:

From Just Ray:
Hi, would you like a breadstick while your waiting?: an in-depth report on the losers that Pat & Oscar's hires.
T-pain V. Dun Dun 2008: the classic T-Pain and Adonis look alike post
FAILURE!: the first chance we got to see the brilliance of Ray's MS Paint skills.
"Moral of the story": a plea to the ladies to at least put up with guys' gaming and tv habits.

From Adonis:
Tina Fey is TOP TIER: the original wifey post
Welcome to the Smash Life; Hanging up the sticks: a first-person look at the game and lifestyle that consumed 3/4 of the Cool Kids.
DISNEY CHICKS: Who is Top Tier?: a retrospective into the hottest animated characters of our childhood.
A Fan Tribute

From Nazer:
Taking A Look Back: Arcades: an interesting retrospective into what USED to be the arcade scene
Well For Me...: Nazer's response to Adonis' Disney post, which simultaneously made me love Belle and truly believe that we all spent too much time thinking about this.
Because Boston Has No Mexican Food: a look at the best of Boston cuisine
Comic Con 08 posts, starting here: captures the feel and excitement of this galactically nerdy gathering.

From Yours Truly:
Why the COOL KIDS should NEVER think about becoming famous...: A look at what kind of scandals we would get into if we were famous people in an alternate universe
Why I (as well as some other COOL KIDS) don't have girlfriends PART 1: the things in my life that have served as pussy deflectors.
TEAM CACHO: when we signed up as 2 teams to compete against each other in NAMI's 5K run/walk, individual team member profiles were inevitable
The Gayest Post of All-Time: some of my totally NON-GAY man-crushes (an oxymoron if I ever saw one).
In 5 years...: a look into the future of the Cool Kids.

I know that for sure I left some gems out, so if you guys have any favorites that aren't on this list, I can edit this later, or they will live forever in this post's comment thread. Anyways keep on posting guys, and I will try my best not to drive readers away with posts about fake instruments and internet browsers.


  1. lol I just read the i don't want to be famous one
    that was hilarious
    words like supple are so enticing