Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic-Con 08: Wrap Up

This years Comic-Con was just as exciting as the previous years. I got to see a bunch of famous faces, listen to industry professionals speak about the love for their art, get sneak peaks on many of my favorite entertainment franchises, and much more.

The show floor had a bit of a change in their layout. They stuck all of the video game companies to one wall which created a lot more space in the middle to walk around, but it was still as hectic as ever. There were some awesome costumes, and some that were seriously hideous (do we really need more overweight people dressed as Superman?), but it all just adds to the fun of the event.

All of the panels I attended were entertaining, but what surprised me were the panels that I didn't actually plan to attend. For example when waiting for the Halo Wars panel we got to hear Stan Lee talk about his love for the comic book and super heroes in general. One comment that was made was that the world really does need super heroes. Kids need something or someone to look up to, otherwise they're left watching Hannah Montana and shit. There was also a lot of talk on how super hero movies are taking on a more serious tone, and by doing so they bring in a much wider audience. Dark Knight shattered tons of box office records, and being a super hero fan isn't seen as geeky or nerdy as it once was, but you probably won't see people sporting their Booster Gold shirts just yet.

At the end of the day Comic-Con is still a bunch of nerds standing in long ass lines to see what they could see online in a couple of days. Coupled with the bad smell and everyones sweat really makes me wonder why I keep coming back, but it's because I'm a fan, and Comic-Con does dedicate to its fans. I loved sitting there while watching the Watchmen footage. I loved getting my hands on Street Fighter IV before anyone else. I loved cheering and laughing during the Kevin Smith panel. I loved seeing my favorite actors on Pushing Daisies answer questions about one of my favorite shows, and so on. It's the one place where your geek flag can fly and people praise it, so you'll see me there again next year.

Oh, and this is post number 200, congrats guys, we're still here (kind of)

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