Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic-Con 08: The World Will Look Up and Shout "Save Us"

...and I'll whisper "no." The bulk of the rest of Comic-Con was spent waiting in lines and sitting in rooms eagerly awaiting news of our favorite franchises. Friday morning we got to see the cast of the upcoming Watchmen movie and an extended trailer/preview of the film. Seeing those characters from the graphic novel materialized on screen really left me with chills, and my inner geek fanboy-ness was really at its peak. It was like the equivalent of a girl seeing a Backstreet Boys concert or Lance going to an Usher concert.

In the night we got to see Kevin Smith speak about his new film and once again it was hilarious. His panels are one of the Comic-Con staples that we always go to see, and this year didn't disappoint one bit. It'd be impossible to sum it up, so I'll just say that seeing Seth Rogan trade comments with Kevin Smith was pure comedy gold.

On Saturday everyone had to really prioritize their events and wait in line for what they really wanted to see. I made my way to the Lost panel where they talked a bit about the upcoming events of Season 5, and they also put a lot of stress on the fact that the show will end after 6 seasons so the show doesn't run on and on forever without any closure.

After I headed to the Pushing Daisies panel where we got a trailer for season 2 and a Q&A with the entire cast. It was both informative and entertaining, and we even got to hear Kristen Chenoweth sing an amazing rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow live.

We closed the day with a greasy ass meal at Popeye's and then headed straight home to some much needed sleep. More later...

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  1. a massive lego model of LEGO batman and robin.

    only at comic con.