Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blast From the Past: Volume 1

Like everyone else, once in a while I like to reminisce about the good ol' times. Luckily, I periodically kept a blog back then before 'blog' became such a fashionable term. This was back in the early days of high school, back when I had a full head of curly ass hair and a full mustache.

So whenever I feel like it, I figure I'll take you guys on a trip down memory lane and treat you to an excerpt from my old blog (not the one linked on the right). So here goes, this is an excerpt from August 2nd, 2002, a snapshot into the summer into my sophomore year.

Friday (today) was pretty damn cool also. We went to nickel city today. I got to play DDR in a public place for the first time since i started playing religously. It was pretty cool, I had some good moments and some bad moments but I had a lot of fun playing. Yeah Dance Dance Revolution is fucking cool.

Wow, I sure was a badass back then. If you too played DDR 'religiously', then high five!


  1. Yeah dance dance revolution is fucking cool

  2. keyword IS
    I remember I was addicted to this game in 8th grade. Word to Mrs. Bloemsma's class. Getting up before school to practice SSR, lol.(Ray might be the only one who knows wtf I'm talking about)

  3. blockquotes don't come out well on black and white

  4. adonis: please change layout back.

  5. didn't Kris bring it to PE class hahaha