Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Comic-Con 08: The Painful Process of Planning

In a couple of hours me and some other coolkids will be making our way downtown to redeem our badges for Comic-Con 2008, a weekend full of sweaty ass nerds, long lines for shit you could probably watch online, and tons of free, extra large shirts (aka costumes for the next Revenge of the Nerds party). Tonight is Preview Night, a night for those who registered early (which means thousands) to make their way across the huge show floor, checking out all the booths from companies like DC, Marvel, WB, and more.

All week we've been planning our schedules, because after years of attending this thing, a guide is always nice. When looking through the extensive programming schedule, you quickly realize that you won't see everything you want to, so prioritizing certain events over others becomes increasingly important. Do I watch the Lost Season 5 panel featuring producers and possibly members of the cast, or do I head to the Chuck panel where Chuck (Zachary Levi) and the hot white girl will be previewing Season 2? Do I really want to stand in a long ass line for Method Man's autograph? Probably not, but at these things you never know what you'll find. Last year I was privileged enough to get myself a Pushing Daisies poster signed by the whole cast (thanks to Chi McBride himself who hooked it up even though I had no ticket), stood in line to get an issue of DC's Countdown autographed by a very prestigious guy whom I've never heard of, and much more.

I'll attempt to post photos and entries of the stuff I deem important, so check back frequently for extended Coolkids Comic Con coverage. Only if this Green Lantern shirt actually fit me...


  1. Lost vs. Chuck panel? My head would explode while trying to choose.

    It's too bad you don't have a smaller laptop or pda or whatever so you could live blog all of this like a real journalist, that would be tight. Otherwise, we're lookin forward to your recap posts.

  2. I was almost tempted to purchase some graphic novels from Amazon yesterday with all this comic hoopla going on. Between stuff like that and Rock Band (Hall of Fame status btw whoo), maybe I should consider hanging out with guys only 23/7 instead of 24/7.