Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic-Con 08: You're Obviously Not From San Diego

As we made our way from the parking structure to the convention center, Jordan, Floyd, and I were suddenly surrounded by faces unfamiliar. Comic book nerds, fans dedicated to certain television shows, press people, and so on. After retrieving our badges we had to wait till 6:00 for the doors to open, so we decided to grab a bite and a huge ass beer until then.

At 6:00 we headed to the convention center only to find a large crowd huddled behind some velvet ropes and security guards. One staffer announced "you guys have to go through the upper level to get in," and an old school, pitch fork style (cept it was lightsabers) mob quickly rushed up the escalators. One brave soul ran through the velvet rope, and herds of nerds bum rushed the convention center like a scene from 300. In no time we were on the show floor, rushing around the booths grabbing as much free trash as possible.

When the atmosphere cooled down a bit, we got to see a bunch of cool stuff. The layout in my opinion is much nicer this year with vendors for large toy companies having their own booths, video game companies all packed into one aisle, and so on. We got to play Super Street Fighter II HD Remix while waiting in line to get our hands on STREET FIGHTER IV! I kicked Floyds ass twice before we had to leave, and we were given awesome Ryu headbands for trying out the game. We also saw people make fools of themselves on SingStar, a giant ass TV with a LittleBigPlanet demo, and got my hands on Konami's supposed next big hit, Rock Revolution, but didn't actually play. It looked like shit.

After stuffing our faces with big macs we headed home to prepare for the days to come. Thursday isn't the biggest day, but it will most definitely be crowded. More in the days to come.


  1. very cool, one of these days im gonna get a 4 day pass to see what these preview nights are like