Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CHEERS and JEERS Thanksgiving edition

- JEERS to turkey. Unless it's smothered in gravy, most of time this dry ass bird tastes like you're eating a towel.

- CHEERS to prime rib, rib roasts, duck, and any other alternative protein on Thanksgiving. Much props to the Thanksgiving chef/mom/auntie/uncle who goes above and beyond the traditional fare. Here's my Thanksgiving dinner from two years ago:

Fucking beautiful.

- JEERS to sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows and green beans with crispy onions. These are lame side dishes that smell of laziness. Usually crispy onions come from some can and well, marshmallows are marshmallows. Sorry if you have a special affinity to these items, but I am not a fan.

- CHEERS to mashed potatoes. Double the cheers if those potatoes have garlic in them. Whoever thought up the idea of adding butter and milk to such a simple starch is a genius who will also happen to have a hand in my eventual demise.

- CHEERS to Thanksgiving day football. Is there a better activity to do after eating a large meal than sitting on your ass watching football?

- JEERS to the lame ass matchups year after year. I don't know why the Cowboys and Lions are the traditional Thanksgiving teams that play, but tradition can change. Just like marriage right?!

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