Tuesday, November 4, 2008

California Love

Amidst a historical election between a black man and the walking dead, California voters may get so into the presidential race that it may be easy to forget about legislation happening back home.

Fear not however, because after weeks of anticipation and constant research, I've compiled an in-depth guide to answer any questions regarding what will appear on California's ballot. Due to complex nature and the number of controversial issues surrounding each proposition, this guide is quite dense with information, so I must apologize in advance if it appears overwhelming.

A Cool Kids California Voter's Guide:

Prop 1: Something about super high-speed railways?

Prop 2: Allows chickens and other farm animals to breath, stretch, shake it, before you eat them

Prop 3: I dunno

Prop 4: Requires permission/notification before an abortion

Prop 5: Overhaul of sentencing and rehabilitation for nonviolent drug offenders

Prop 6: Mo money for the Po's

Prop 7: Something about funding green technology... could be wrong

Prop 8: A discriminatory law that takes away fundamental rights.

Prop 9-12: Not sure, lost my booklet.

Some SD Affairs:

Prop B
: Opens up parts of San Diego's waterfront for development

Prop D: Further bans booze on beaches. Boo!

Happy Voting!


  1. lol @ uneducated voting tag, my ballot was full of that

  2. i'm surprised and glad at how many of the homies were no on prop 8