Sunday, February 22, 2009

To watch tonight: The OSCA...I mean, THE AMAZING RACE!!!

Television is an entertainment medium that has so much to offer to so many individuals. There are programs for those who want to dive head first into a fantasy world of superheroes and villains, shows that can teach scrubby college kids how to cook food as well as survive on a cheap budget, Snoop Dogg being a dad, and so much more.

I'm a huge advocate of TV, and I follow so many shows for seasons and seasons that it eventually becomes hard to keep it all bound together. There are many shows out there that people don't even bother watching because their story lines become far too complicated or they just can't dedicate the time to follow it week after week with their busy schedules.

But for those who can dedicate one hour on Sunday night to a television show, it should definitely be The Amazing Race. After fourteen seasons and a plethora of awards, this show brings together many teams of two and takes them on a race around the world for a million dollar prize. Along the way they reach challenges that must be completed, some individual and some as a team, eventually leading to a pit stop at the end.

The teams come in many combinations. This season we have a brother and sister team, two stuntmen, a father and son writing duo, a mom with her deaf son, and so much more. The majority of the fun in this show comes from the tension that develops between the teams. Not only are they racing for one million dollars, but they have to overcome both physical and psychological tasks. Seeing the relationships bloom week after week really gives a nice look into different human perspectives, and watching these teams work through the difficulties presented to them is both heartening and thought provoking.

If you haven't jumped along for the ride, now is a great time to catch on. Many of the teams this season are incredibly likable. My current favorites are Brad and Victora, an older (ages 52 and 47) married couple from Columbus, Ohio, and Amanda and Kris, a dating couple from San Diego (because I love my hometown). We're only two episodes in, so if you're free Sunday nights at 8, grab some dinner, sit on the couch and tune into CBS for this outstanding hour of television.

(and yeah I never watch the award shows)


  1. lol my auntie and my cousin are fighting over whether to watch the Amazing Race or the Oscars

  2. Dude the couple from san diego. That girl is in my class i sit next to her. She told us that she was in it like 2 weeks before the show started. She was telling us about the trip and shit it was pretty crazy.

  3. yah for real she's super nice too. Regular ass girl hahaha. Someone brings it up every class. she said she didn't even enjoy the places she wwent to haah. too much shit she had to do.