Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Year of the Gentlemen… unless you’re Chris Brown


The early details of the story at Not so small talk.

Chris Brown fans are obviously in mourning right now, with the teenage heartthrob of millions of adoring girls and fanboys is facing serious allegations of assault that left his girlfriend/pop-star Rihanna at the receiving end of a brutal attack. While cases of domestic violence are never a joking matter, E! reported that C.B. may have paid tribute to his debut single “Run it!” that night.

According to a source close to the investigation, Rihanna made the 911 call to police after Brown "fled on foot" from the scene following the attack. Two officers from the LAPD Wilshire Division found Rihanna in Brown's rented silver Lamborghini "beaten really badly and hysterical."

Not sure how he’s going to dance his way out of this one. Despite being relatively young, 19-years-old in celeb years translates to being 30, and any defense revolving around C.B.'s youthful immaturity will probably not play well for a L.A. jury, especially with Rihanna being portrayed as a hapless victim.

cb_rihannaFans can only cross their fingers at this point and hope that his involvement in this ugly incident was really at the bare minimum. Otherwise, say goodbye to the pretty boy image and expect his next album to be full of jailhouse raps.



  1. the fact that it's rihanna makes it near impossible to come back from imo. if it was just some whore, i swear no one would care.

  2. @ CommanderCacho: QFT

    Also a bunch of my professors went to the award show, and a few of them were like "you guys know that Chris Brown guy? WtF?" and so on, pretty interesting.