Saturday, February 14, 2009

CKR Caption Contest!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, than I am fucked.

This hapless photograph is from my most recent trip to Las Vegas, an unfortunate keepsake compliments of the '”Manhattan Express” roller coaster at the New York New York Hotel & Casino.

After the ride (piece of cake!), I remember getting juked by the camera, and my concerns became evident as the photo appeared across the monitor.

Of course, my fellow rider, Alexand aka Asswipe, did what any rational person would do, and bought the damn thing. Now I am forever immortalized alongside other homies who have failed in life.

Still, here’s your chance to compete in our very first caption contest. Whoever authors the best entry will be emailed their very own, $10 off coupon-code for!

Good luck, jerks.


  1. From the looks of it, I'm guessing Alexand is giving you a handjob

  2. alexand: you down for drinking fat tuesdays and talking to girls after?
    adonis: I DONT WANNA! (boyish whine)

  3. Adonis: I think I took a shit in my pants
    alexand: tehehehehehe