Monday, February 9, 2009

Your 2009 Grammy Award Winners

Here. CLICK ME I must say that there are no real surprises here, and that I don't agree with more than half of the winners, well actually I barely agree with any of the nominees, but hey who I am to judge, I only make and listen to music for a living.

And any Grammy list that has fuckin Duffy for a winner and not Sara Bareilles is just rubbish.

But Katy Perry performing in a fruit basket was cool I guess.

And finally, no, I didn't watch the show. I never watch the award shows, so you tell me, what were the best performances of the night so I can watch them.


  1. im afraid to suggest a performance in fear of you not liking it and then you post a LOSER image macro being plastered on my face in response

  2. i heard on inauguration day they had a white house scavenger hunt for obama's daughters, and waiting for them at the end of it all were the jonas brothers... now thats some fucked up joke

  3. The only category that I really care about is the best dance remix.
    Justice is cool but MGMT's non-talent carried over into the remix which sucks. Another words, deadmau5 should've won imo.


  4. i like how she has 3 bananas around her crotch

  5. 15 steps - radiohead + ucs marching band