Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coolest Old Motherfuckers in the Room

When I look back and read the best entries we wrote for "Cool Kids," I remember how we struggled to think of a name for this blog. I think it was Ray who settled on the "Coolest Kids in the Room" and a circlejerk ensued among the four of us, relieved that we didn't have to think about the name anymore.

Only four years after we enjoyed our best run here, the name of the blog is horribly outdated. No longer kids in college ready to wax poetic about important young adult issues like an Obamafied presidential election or who the hottest Disney princess is, the four of us find ourselves on the downhill of our 20's with our undergrad days behind us.

We are old as fuck. There are people older than us who will read that and think, "Fuck you guys, y'all are still in your mid-20's." And those people will be right, and I thank God every day that I'm not as old as those people.

Desperate pleas to revive this blog as a team effort fell on deaf ears. Some of us put our "real writer" hats and took our talents to Tumblr. At least one of us did this successfully. Me on the other hand? I got sick of my "writing" voice and my Tumblr dashboard exists today only as a central hub of some of the best porn/nude modeling blogs out there.

I sometimes ask myself what the difference was between 2010 and 2008 and why it became so hard for us to write here regularly. It would be too much of a cop out to say we are too busy to do what we did in 2008. Maybe I don't have the 12 unit no-job schedule I had in '08, but if I were to keep a journal of how I spent my time on weekdays in 2012, at least 8 hours a day probably went to dicking around on the internet.

For me, I think the real difference was the ability to feed off each other's vibe. There have been times the past four years where I was motivated to write again. I could have opened up my Tumblr at the end of 2012 and given Kendrick Lamar a verbose handjob for good kid, m.A.A.d. city, but there was a missing incentive: a possible response or follow-up entry from three other talented writers.

Whether we like it or not, no matter how many hours we spend on our PS3 and no matter how hard we try to fight it, the four of us are grownups now. Maybe some of the things I write about these days will reflect that. Maybe not. If someone wants to write about marriage or job satisfaction or routes to work, that's fine. And I will still laugh my ass off if someone wants to write a 500-word exploration of the emotional journey that comes with taking a shit with the bubbleguts.

So for all of the other times in the past four years that one of us tried to get this going again, I'm sorry I failed. It took Nazer's corny ass post (no compliment here comes without a backhand) about doing stuff in 2013 to stop being a pussy about how people will read my shit.

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