Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Total Knee Reconstruction"

Saddest three words I saw in the headlines tonight. With two torn knee ligaments and the term "total knee reconstruction," I fear the only doctor who can get Robert Griffin III back to 100% is whoever replaced Luke Skywalker's hand at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

Between the San DiegLOLz Chargers, replacement refs, murder-suicide, and drunk driving manslaughter, I had a hard time watching football this season.

RG3 was a lone bright spot for me. As exciting as it was to watch Michael Vick fly across the field from the quarterback position a decade ago, Griffin seemed like the evolved version of that running quarterback: lethal speed with no compromise in arm strength or accuracy. I'm weary of how I sound gushing about him, but it was a treat for me to watch him play.

Knee ligament tears don't seem like the career death sentence it used to be. Adrian Peterson's historic rushing performance this season, fresh off an ACL and MCL tear, gives me reason to be optimistic but knowing that RG3's most recent ACL tear was of the patella graft used to repair the same torn ligament in 2009 has me fearing the worst.

Maybe he won't be running past defenses anymore but I hope RG3's surgery and rehab gives his lower body enough strength to still throw passes like this:

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