Friday, January 4, 2013

My McRib count is at 3 this season...

My favorite Instagram food picture is after one bite
There was a clever article at The Daily Meal that referred to the McRib as "redneck molecular gastronomy." People either love or loathe this sandwich and I'd argue that most of the love comes from its "for a limited time" nature. My oldest cousin has consumed 33 of McRibs this "season."

I actually think it's a pretty decent sandwich; I like the sauce, pickles and onions that accompany the pork patty. McDonald's is doing a gnarly promotion right now where a second McRib is only $1 if you order the combo. Usually when I order it, though, I can't help but get a Big Mac or McDouble too. Need that classic Mickey D's flavor fix.

My name is Lance and I will have a heart attack by age 30.

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