Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hiatus On Your Anus

Not that anyone even noticed, but I have been on an approximately two week hiatus since April 23 and i was going to originally post about my MIA steez. After further though into this matter I've decided to light weight speak about this and do my own sports post following this since i don't know shit about the sports the other cool kids talk about.

My excuse is as follows for not posting is in direct relation to the fact that I have been way to busy to sit down and do the damn thing. Becoming more and more involved in community work my free time has been virtually non existent. Although my alcoholic ass drinks probably 4 times a week since it is almost summer.

Currently I am involved with not one but three, count them three different community organizations that take up a large chunk of my time. Having put to much on my plate this semester is starting to bite me in the ass. Honestly I guess this is less for our "readers" and more a chance for me to bitch about my stress.

On a lighter note Study Jam pretty much turned out a lot better than I had originally expected. From great performers including yours truly to just overall good vibes the open mic was a success. To all of you who came out thanks for the support and for those of you who didn't its all good there is always next time.

Soon things will be going a lot smoother for the summer as far as my level of stress which equals more posts and less excuses


  1. heal the world...make it a better place

    youre doing good work. i like to think that im doing my part too. i try to stimulate our nation's weak economy by buying video games, rock band songs, and beer.

  2. any dope musicians who sing the alphabet?