Saturday, May 3, 2008


RANGERS! I have some links to share with you from Angel Grove!

- Raf put up Dr. King's 'Drum Major Instinct' sermon. Strangely relevant when I tied my blogging to a cry for attention. "My name in print is the Vitamin A to my ego".

- The Capinator illustrates Mariah Carey's long journey from amazing to shit.

- LodyDody does a great job of making us losers realize how much of a scorn we are on society, wasting our time playing video games and using alcohol to provide a false sense of happiness. Ok, jk, it's not like that, but if you want to read about a figurative snapshot in the life of someone who spends every waking moment trying to make the world around her a better place than take a look. You can also find a video of one of the most legendary dance battles of all time.

- Finally, after my long ass post from Tuesday night, it's been brought to my attention that actually watching a video of the Costas Now segment gives a better background than the lousy picture I put. I don't know how to embed them so you can find the Costas/Bissinger/Leitch segment here.

Additionally, the next day, Leitch appeared on Best Damn Sports Show, and unlike Costas, Chris Rose was actually able to facilitate a thoughtful and productive discussion on blogging and sports media.

Credit: Deadspin for the videos, DrewL for this horrible Zordon/Lance picture.

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  1. that zordon/lance picture is the stuff of nightmares.