Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer 08: 3 Weeks and We're Already Drowning in Alcohol

10:30 AM. To tell you the honest truth, I don't remember much about the night before. I remember waking up in Ant's car, saying goodbye and thanks for the ride, sticking my key into my front door only to find the chain latched. Two house calls later my dad opens with an "oh you're back early," and I nod my head and race upstairs to crash in my bed.

I knew Summer was going to be fun as hell, but there was no warning label for the shit that went down the past couple weeks. Everything from Vicente in a wheel chair to stepping in puddles of blue curacao, let's just say it's been eventful.

David's ridiculous house party with insane amounts of liquor, immediately followed by Adonis's "three ring circus," and then everyone got to be 21 for a day in LA for homeboy Mark's birthday, happy birthday man, and thanks to the folks in Irvine for their continued hospitality, we couldn't carry out this drunk lifestyle without you guys.

We've hit a lull in the summertime schedule. Nothing major planned for at least a couple weeks, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm kind of looking forward to some real relaxation. Few weeks gives the UC kids time to finish school, gives me time to concentrate on music, gives everyone time to just kick back, enjoy the weather and take it easy. So seriously, thanks for the GOOD TIMES guys, there are many more to come in these next months, but now it's time to make myself a grilled cheese and some orange juice and watch that Lost finale I have recorded, till next time.


  1. never NOT eating before i get fucked up again. but it was a fun ass night!!!

  2. missing out on raf getting shitfaced *sad smiley*

  3. Labels: "someone stop ordering Adios's"


  4. lets not forget my flying knee to floyds head

  5. me: "thanks for the drink nazer"

    nazer: "no problem (hands over another adios)


  6. hahaha this'll pretty much sum up the summer

    "another round?

    can't wait