Monday, May 5, 2008

"The (k)night is darkest before the dawn..."

The marketing campaign for the new Batman movie has been insanely awesome.

The combination of the viral campaign they've been doing along with the standard, yet superbly executed posters and trailers are blowing my freaking mind.

Every one knows this is Heath Ledger's last role, a role you could arguably say he died for. Some said that the meds he was on at the time of his untimely death were prescribed for depression and a state of mind that he achieved while working on this intense role. Just watching the trailer shows how delightfully evil and twisted his interpretation of the Joker is going to be, I cannot fucking wait for this shit.

Anyways, the latest trailer gave me a 2 and a half minute boner so here you go:

Credit: Filmdrunk for the posters and trailer link


  1. heath ledger and aaron eckhart are gonna steal the show. christian who??

  2. watching this trailer reminds me of how sad the loss of heath ledger was. amazing how far people will go for their art. at least another great is going to play the greatest villain of all time.

  3. he's come such a long way since 10 things i hate about you... :*(

  4. aaron eckhart's two-face alone will steal the show.

  5. wtf what do you mean
    christian who?

    christian bale made the first batman.
    i'm sure he'll be awesome in the 2nd.

    and i'm hoping to god there's going to be a 3rd because i know the 2nd one will be sick.