Monday, May 12, 2008

LeBron does not give a fuck who's in the lane

In his column on Deadspin last week, Big Daddy Drew had this to say about LeBron and Kobe:

Watching LeBron play isn't like watching Kobe Bryant. When Kobe scores a million points, he has to work for that shit. He has to muscle through traffic, or consistently nail that turnaround fadeaway of his that looks exactly like Jordan's. It looks like a lot of effort. Kobe's probably a "better," or more well-rounded player than LeBron[...]

LeBron doesn't have to employ all those crazy moves. All he has to do is make like a goddamn tank and plow a bitch over.

That is exactly what LeBron did tonight and at the All-Star game earlier this year with a game clinching slam:

I will concede that at this point, Kobe is a better a defender, has a better jumper, and has more experience in big games. Kobe, however, does not have the body of an NFL linebacker with which he could drive through the lane with the momentum of a fucking rhino, slam that shit and teabag Kevin Garnett in the process.

I love the NBA playoffs.

Credit: Awful Announcing for the frst video, hopefully I can replace it with a youtube later.


  1. I think Lebron gets his strength from his mama.

    She was about to beat Paul Pierce's ass after that hard foul in game 4 tonight.

  2. haha i saw that, he told her to "sit her ass down"

  3. kobe has the body that jumps over cars LOL

  4. goddammn, but the best part is..


    lol marv albert is the shit

  5. nice try, but it's kevin harlan. thats ok, easy to get them two confused.